read between the lines

Title: Read Between The Lines 
Author: Jo Knowles
Release Date: 03/10/2015
Reviewed by: Aurora 

Read Between the Lines by Jo Knowles is a book about finding yourself. All of the teens (and one adult) are in hard places in their life. They don’t fit in or they have issues at home. Either way, most of them think that life is just on repeat and they’re doing the same thing over and over. Something happens to each of them to make them realize that it’s not.

The book is told by many points of views. It’s split into sections with a new narrator each time and in each one, there are four parts (kind of like chapters). At first, I wasn’t really sure how everything connected between the characters, but as I read on, I started finding little things that intertwined all of them with each other. The story is woven with these different events and problems that come up in some other part of it. And if one character was removed, nothing would make sense or fit together.

There’s a bullied boy who breaks his middle finger. There’s a girl whose friends leave her. A recent high school graduate with a bit of OCD. A group of boys that do bad things only to have them to come back around. A guy who struggles with who he is. A friend that got left behind because of something he couldn’t control. A girl that sits proudly on a wall outside of school, but shies away inside school. A boy who watches her when walking by. The head cheerleader who wants to be perfect. A cheerleader who doesn’t have a “cheer” body. A young teacher with students that won’t respect her. And of course the main thing that connects them all, being able to flip off the world and others. These characters make up the essence of this story. They’re all so different, yet all so similar. At first it doesn’t seem like it, but you find out more as you read.

At first, I didn’t really love the story because it was a little bit depressing. But as it went on and made more sense, I liked it more and more. By the end, I was really sad that it was over. I was left wishing I could find out more about what happened to the characters afterwards. But if it didn’t leave me wanting more, then it wouldn’t be a very good book. Once I finished the story, I really loved it.

Also, I tend to find that books that have multiple points of views the writing style is really similar in each one and I often forget that it’s a new character. Jo Knowles, the author, did a really good job making each point of view really seem like different people. A different thought process, different ways of thinking and speaking, and of course different opinions and beliefs on things. There are so many characters with different personalities and situations, that it’s hard to not be able to relate at least a bit to one of them. I think almost everyone has been in some sort of place, where you don’t quite fit in or you don’t feel like yourself when you do. These characters help you understand that it’s okay to feel that way, and that it’s a good thing.

I think that if Jo Knowles’s other books are written this well and have a great idea like this one does, I’ll really enjoy them. Two of her other young adult books are Jumping off Swings and its sequel Living with Jackie Chan. I have yet to read them, but I’ll have to do so soon.

Overall, I really loved this book. It has a great concept, is beautifully written, and fits together perfectly. If you start reading it, don’t give up on it in the first few chapters because it gets better with each new character.