Get the Paper Towns Movie Tour to Austin!


The Paper Towns cast and the author John Green are touring for the release of Paper Towns, which opens everywhere July 24, 2015!

Not only are they touring, but we can vote for them to come to Texas and a special screening of the movie before it comes out!!!

Everything is bigger and better in Texas and we think John Green and the cast will love it here! Texas won the voting for The Fault In Our Stars movie tour so let’s do it again. Paper Towns stars Nat Wolff and Cara Delevingne, and they are part of the tour!

You have to vote via Tumblr, so if you do not have a Tumblr, sign-up!
The voting ends today at 9pm!!! Vote Now!

For more details on how to vote click here.


Red Queen Movie News


Elizabeth Banks, who is well-known to YA fans as playing Effie Trinket in the The Hunger Games movies, is in talks to direct the movie adaptation of Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard. Banks made her directorial debut with Pitch Perfect 2, and it will be great to see what she can do to make this amazing story come to life. Red Queen is slated to have three books in the series and hopefully there will be a movie for each of them!

Read it before you see it!


The Mortal Instruments Sneak Peak!

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ABC Family released a sneak peek from The Mortal Instruments set! We love this clip and it gets us excited that the series will be hitting the small screen soon! It looks like the series is going to follow the vision and storyline of the books, written by Cassandra Clare, very well. The clip looks amazing and Jace. . . ? Hello!

Watch the clip here!