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What’s a road trip without a great book?

What makes a road trip so special, you say? Well, there’s beautiful scenery and family time, but a road trip can also be memorable if you have that perfect book to keep you company during ride. Buckle-up! The Teen Press Corps has your back and recommends some great books that are road trip fun!



Paper Towns by John Green
Anything by John Green considering all his books involve road trips or plane trips. John Green is an author that will keep you so entranced you won’t even notice that time, or each mile, is passing.



Finding Paris by Joy Preble
This book is a really great to take with you on your next trip because it involves a great mystery and two sisters who embark on an adventure to true love and to find their way back to each other – one clue at a time. This was a really fun read and I enjoyed every minute of it! Fans of John Green’s Paper Towns will fall in love with this story and it mysteriousness!



Please Ignore Vera Dietz by A.S. King
This book is great for any setting, and a road trip is the best time to get sucked into a novel – especially this one!



Since You’ve Been Gone by Morgan Matson
This book is such a cute summer read! It follows the story of Emily and Sloan – two best friends who are total opposites. Sloan is out-going and popular, while Emily is shy and a little insecure. But when Sloan mysteriously disappears, Emily finds a list of dares that may lead her to Sloan. Full of great moments and adventures this is this perfect read if you are wanting to read something fun and easy to get into.



Mosquitoland by David Arnold
This is ultimate book for lovers of road trip stories!!! It is the story of Mim Malone and her adventure from Mississippi to Cleveland, Ohio. Mim is in search of her mother once she is informed that her mother is sick. This is a funny and incredibly heart-felt book that is great for your adventurous side!



Many books!
When I go on road trips, I like reading books set in the areas I’m going to. So let’s say I take a driving trip all the way around the country starting in Texas. First, I’d read the Shadow Falls series (Texas), then, I’d read Beautiful Creatures (South Carolina). After that I would keep going north and read The Hunger Games (From South Carolina to New York). When I’m in or almost to New York, I would switch to either The Mortal Instruments series or Blue Bloods series. Headed west, to Indiana, I’d have to read something set in John Green’s home state, so that would be The Fault in Our Stars and then staying in the Midwest, I’d go up to Chicago, and take in Divergent. Next, headed down to Nebraska, I’d pick up Revived, and then jump all the way to Washington, and read Uglies or Twilight. There’s If I Stay for Oregon, and Legend in Los Angeles. Finally, headed back towards home, I’d read The Host in Arizona. Obviously, this would be a really long road trip, but with good books, and a separate suitcase to carry all the books in, it would feel so short.



Let’s Get Lost by Adi Alsaid
This book follows a mysterious girl in a red car who lives on the road. Along the way, she encounters different people – and changes their lives completely. I fell in love with this book instantly and I think you will too!