proof of forever

Title: Proof Of Forever
Author: Lexa Hillyer
Release Date: 06/2/2015
Reviewed by: Willa 

I’m going to admit this upfront: I didn’t have high hopes for Proof of Forever, mainly because of my negative experience with some other summer camp books that I didn’t connect with.


Proof of Forever is far more than a summer camp book.

It’s a story about friendship. Joy, Tali, Luce, and Zoe are four girls who used to be best friends, but after their last year at camp, their friendships dissolved (which I completely relate to). When they come back together, it’s awkward at first, but after they’re thrown into the past, they become closer, and grow to understand one another in a way they didn’t before. They remember what their friendship was like, and how much they cared for each other. As they relive their last summer camp days, everything begins to change – secrets are revealed, the girls tap into parts of themselves they hadn’t before, and they grow closer than ever.

These girls were an incredible cast of characters. I loved the ripples in their friendship, the completely realistic moments where they jumped to conclusions, when they broke down in front of one another, when they surprised one another, and when they proved how much they cared for one another. Each one of them was unique and brought something different to their friendship, and made the four of them the four of them.

The story line started a little slow, but once I hit the middle, it picked up significantly. The story is driven by their desire to get back to their lives, but the majority of the book is spent in the past, part reliving the past, and part changing it. I enjoyed their uncertainty and then decision to live in the present, and not care how it would affect the future, separating this book from other time travel story lines. Things don’t go according to plan, and as they adjust to the changes in their past, the girls experience their summer in a new way.

Proof of Forever is a beautiful story of friendship and the power of trust and love between friends. As a rare gem in the YA world (a book focused on friendship and not romance) I appreciated it even more. If you love a good summer book full of friendship, I would definitely recommend Proof of Forever.