the fixer
Title: The Fixer
Author: Jennifer Lynn Barnes
Release Date: 07/7/2015
Reviewed by: Emily

I love Jennifer Lynn Barnes’ novels, and I love political thrillers. The combination of the two is epic.

I wish I could be friends with Tess in real life. She carries the world on her shoulders — balancing high school, an absent sister, the death of her parents, and taking care of her grandfather who suffers from Alzheimer’s. Tess is smart, capable, and caring. Her relationship with big sister Ivy is really wonderful. I really loved the development of their relationship and that it wasn’t pushed aside for romance.

Tess’ new friends are awesome, too. Vivvie, Asher, and Henry are all amazing characters individually, and I loved how they all worked together and cared for each other. I didn’t want the book to end because I didn’t want to say goodbye to them!

Like any good thriller, there’s never a dull moment in The Fixer. This novel will have you on the edge of your seat and begging for a sequel. (Oh please, oh please let there be a sequel.) The Fixer is out now! Jennifer Lynn Barnes will also be speaking & signing at the Texas Teen Book Festival 2015!!!!