Title: The Vampire Diaries: The Awakening
Author: L.J. Smith
Release Date: September 2009
Reviewed by: Haley

Elena Gilbert is everything you want to be. Pretty, popular, smart. Perfect.
Or should I say was.
That was before. Before Elena’s parents were killed in a car crash and she became tangled in the lives of two mysterious brothers. Who are also really handsome. Oh, and they’re vampires. Yeah, not your typical high school love story. Stefan Salvatore, brooding and dreamy, is immediately drawn toward Elena, who cannot escape the allure of his supernatural beauty and Italian accent. But Damon Salvatore — also tantalizingly attractive and portrayed by ultra hottie Ian Somerhalder in the television adaptation — is equally compelled by Elena’s small town charm.
Who will Elena choose? Heroic Stefan or bad boy Damon?
Isn’t that the question of the century. While we’re at it, we might as well try guessing the identity of “A” from Pretty Little Liars!
Okay, so I love the television show Vampire Diaries. When I heard that it was based on a book series, I freaked out. I mean, my favorite television show is also a book? It was like Christmas had come early! These books are really good.  They are definitely cheesy to the max, but I ate it up! I’m a total sucker for the whole, “Who do I choose?  Hot guy #1 or hot guy #2? I can’t decide!” Cough, Twilight, cough. But seriously, if you are a hard-core Vampire Diaries fan, READ THESE BOOKS! I had so much fun comparing the characters and plot of the books to the television show. It’s amazing to see what the characters were originally like and how they were interpreted. Plus, if you read your way to the last book in the series you can find out who Elena chooses!!!! If that isn’t incentive to read the books, then I don’t know what is. The last book The Vampire Diaries: The Salvation: Unmasked is in stores now!