a wicked thing

Title: A Wicked Thing
Author: Rhiannon Thomas
Release Date: 2/24/2015
Reviewed by: Haley

We know the story of Princess Aurora. Of the evil curse cast upon her as a child, of the forbidden spinning wheel, of her hundred year slumber. We know that she awakens with a true love’s kiss and lives happily ever after. But what if the story is wrong? What if, somehow, over a hundred long years, the true details of Aurora’s curse are lost and a happily ever after is thought up just for parents to read to their children before bed? Because if the children knew the truth, they wouldn’t be falling asleep.

When Aurora awakens, everyone she ever knew and loved is dead. Gone, just by closing her eyes. Time continued to pass as Aurora slept, and princes visited her tower from kingdoms far and wide to kiss her in an attempt to break the magic spell.  In the blink of an eye, Aurora is betrothed to Roderick, the prince who awoke her, a man she has never met. The storybook says that he who awakens the princess will be her true love. But what if Roderick isn’t him? What if her prince charming isn’t even a prince at all? Aurora did meet a handsome man in a tavern when she last sneaked out of the castle . . .

But there are more important issues at hand. Her kingdom is in shambles, a mere shadow of the great and powerful civilization it had once been when Aurora’s family was in power. The king is a brutal and heartless ruler; the queen just as merciless.  Rebels seek to overthrow the monarchy. And when a member of the royal family is murdered, all hands point to Aurora.

“People were dead because of her.  They had died, and she had not even looked over her shoulder as she’d run from them.  But death had been inevitable, no matter what she chose.  She had only had impossible choices, ever since she awoke.”

OMG. This book is AMAZING! Ever since I was a little girl, Aurora has been my favorite princess. All I had to see on the back of the book was Aurora’s name and I immediately wanted to read it. And I’m so glad I did!! The ending is INSANE. Okay, the rest of the book is great, too, but. The. Ending. Long story short, I almost cried, like, fifty times. There’s a major plot twist that I totally didn’t see coming, and I’m really, really excited for the sequel Kingdom of Ashes (which is coming out in 2016).

I promise that A Wicked Thing will cast you under a spell, too.