TTBF Panel Truth, Truth, Lie

~post by Aurora, Teen Press Corps

There is one thing all of the books in this panel have in common. They are all individual and action packed. All of these unique authors bring something unique to the table – perspective, experience, genre, personalities, and of course, their wonderfully varied ways of telling stories. Here’s a closer look at each of the authors participating in the Truth, Truth, Lie panel at #TTBF15.

Libba Bray

Libba Bray is the author of The Gemma Doyle trilogy, Going Bovine, Beauty Queens, and The Diviners series. She is originally from TX, and has lived in Alabama and West Virginia, but now lives in Brooklyn, NY.  She is coming to the TTBF for her new book Lair of Dreams, the second book in The Diviners series. The series follows a 1920’s girl named Evie O’Neill who is a Diviner, someone who has some special supernatural powers. Can she use her gift to catch a serial killer? Libba Bray is sure to once again bring the fun to the fest and hopefully there is another light saber fight on the horizon at this years festivities!

Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Jennifer Lynn Barnes is the author of 15 books including The Squad series, the Raised by Wolves trilogy, Every Other Day, and The Natural series. She was born in Tulsa, OK and went to Yale for cognitive science, did post-graduate work at Cambridge, and is now working towards her PhD back in the U.S. She is attending the festival for her most recent book in The Natural series, Killer Instinct. The series is about a seventeen year-old named Cassie Hobbes. She is in a special FBI program because she has a gift for profiling people. With killers on the prowl, they all have to work together to take them down.

Aaron Hartzler

Aaron Hartzler is the author of Rapture Practice and What We Saw. He is an actor and has performed in plays and musicals across the country. He now lives in L.A. At TTBF, he will be speaking about his new book, What We Saw, which is inspired by the events in the real-life Steubenville rape case. The book focuses on Kate Weston, who is able to somewhat figure out what happened the night of the party. At least that’s what she thought until she sees a picture of Stacey Stallard, a girl who was at the party, passed out on Deacon Mills’s shoulder. When Stacey files charges against four classmates, things escalate and Kate has to figure out her role in everything.

Suzanne Young

Suzanne Young is the author of The Program series, Hotel Ruby, and co-author of Just Like Fate. She is originally from Utica, NY, but moved to Arizona and is now an English teacher as well as author. Suzanne Young is going to be at the festival with her book, The Remedy, a prequel to The Program series. Set before The Program starts, Young gives us a story about Quinlan McKee, who has the ability to become anyone. She is hired to take on the role of young deceased loved ones for a short time to help others move past their grief. When Quinn takes a longer assignment, she starts getting attached and finds out the truth of what really happened to the girl she’s playing.

Stephanie Tromly

Stephanie Tromly is the author of Trouble is a Friend of Mine. She was born in the Philippines, grew up in Hong Kong, and after going to UPenn and working as a screenwriter in L.A, now lives in Winnipeg. This is her first book. This funny and action-packed novel is about Zoe Webster and Philip Digby. Digby drags Zoe into a long chain of comedic and dangerous situations that are all connected to the kidnapping of a local teenage girl. One that could relate to his sister’s disappearance eight years before. A dash of romance, colorful supporting characters, and a fast-pace, all the ingedients are there for a page-turning light mystery perfect for fans of Veronica Mars and Sherlock.


Texas Teen Book Festival happens on September 26th, 2015 on the campus of St. Edward’s University. It’s one of our favorite events of the year. We’re proud to be co-founders of this festival and love working on it (and of course being there the day of with all of the books!) Don’t miss it!