Title: Galgorithm
Author: Aaron Karo
Release Date: 5/5/15
Reviewed by: Aurora

Galgorithm by Aaron Karo is a super cute story. I fell in love with it and all the characters. It’s really light-hearted and made me smile through and through. There was never a dull moment where I wanted to stop reading. When I got into the story (within just a few paragraphs), I just couldn’t put it down. I read when I had time and when I didn’t, I made the time to read.

The main character and narrator Shane is what one might call a “love guru.” He kind of has a formula for guys on how to get girls. And he calls this the “Galgorithm.” He helps all types of guys (although mostly nerdy) get the girl of their dreams. The number one rule for his help though is, “Deny till you die.” He’s made tons of perfect matches, even though he doesn’t have  a girlfriend and hasn’t for a while. He finds it easier to deal with love lives other than his own. He helps these guys using experience from a relationship that didn’t end too well and he’s still trying to get over.

This book’s genre is somewhat realistic fiction. I say that because sometimes things go so well that it’s not very realistic (not a lot, just sometimes), but that’s expected occasionally in cute love stories. It’s kind of a love story because Shane does help others with their relationships or lack of one and works on his. I’m not sure if that’s still exactly what one might consider a love story, because those usually focus on one couple, but that’s what I’m calling it.

I love that you get to see other relationships from the outside and from an “expert’s” point of view while getting to read about his relationships (with clients, friends, girlfriends past and present, etc.) from the inside. I really liked being able to read all of Shane’s tricks and think of how well they’d actually work in real life (you never know, maybe some of them would).

Aaron Karo is actually a stand-up comedian and screenwriter as well as an author. He also wrote Ruminations on College Life, Ruminations on Twenty-something Life, I’m Having More Fun Than You, and another YA book called Lexapros and Cons. I’m excited to read another one of his books. If they’re all like this one, then they’ll be good.

I would really recommend this book for anyone who just wants a really adorable story that almost makes you say “aw…” Of course, every book has it’s drama and this one is no exception, but this drama is just the perfect amount to have the story relaxed while still being interesting and fun. And it definitely has it’s moments where it can be really funny with how clueless some characters can be. Although that should be expected from an author that’s a comedian too. So seriously give this one a shot because I think it’ll be worth it!