honor girl

Title: Honor Girl
Author: Maggie Thrash
Release Date: 9/8/2015
Reviewed by: Emily

Maggie Thrash has the amazing ability to tell the story of her younger self through the eyes of her younger self, without the hindsight of her current adult self mingling with it.

The art style was at first amateur-looking, but as I read, it grew on me and it portrayed the inexperience of Maggie and that she was a teenager in transition, still partly a child.

The book goes by pretty quickly- I was done in about twenty minutes. The ending was so unsatisfying because I wanted there to be more! But this is nonfiction, so it makes sense because real life isn’t all wrapped up and squared away at the end.

Honor Girl is a positive story about self-discovery, and I’m really excited for all those who will read this and find a connection to it.