dark days club

Title: The Dark Days Club
Author: Alison Goodman
Release Date: 1/26/2016
Reviewed by: Aurora


The Dark Days Club by Alison Goodman was pretty interesting. I love the idea of a secret club fighting off demons. It didn’t carry through like I had expected, which I think was a good thing. I thought there’d be a lot of action and romance. In a way, I like that there was more to the story than just that, but I kind of wanted at least a little bit more throughout.

The Dark Days Club is about a young woman, Lady Helen, in early 19th century London discovering a world of demons hidden in society. The demons, called Deceivers, look exactly like humans, fooling and killing many. Helen learns that she has special abilities that allows her to fight them. All the while, the mysterious Lord Carlston hangs around and helps her discover who she is and how she fits in.

For me, it took a bit too long for anything to really start happening. It took nearly half the book for her to even meet a Deceiver. Luckily, that’s about when the straight up exposition ended, but it took forever to get there. After that, the story really picked up and got extremely interesting.

The more I read, the more I enjoyed the book. It’s not the same as many YA books that state the whole story on the first page, so I love it for that. Also, I liked that there were multiple small issues they face rather than an all-consuming one. It felt more like real life that way since you deal with a million different things in the real world. The second half of the story was the perfect pace despite the rough beginning. It gave me enough time to process previous events without letting me get bored.

I have to say, most of all I really love the writing style. It’s written as if the book were from the 1800’s except with slightly easier diction. This really helped me get into the time period and be a part of it all.

Alison Goodman is Australian and also the author of Eon and Eona, Singing the Dogstar Blues, and A New Kind of Death. She is currently working on the next book in the Lady Helen trilogy. I have high hopes for the next book in this series because there’s no more exposition to get through before the good stuff and hopefully, there’ll be a bit more romance.

If you’re willing to wait for the good parts, then take a chance on this book and it will be perfect for you.