darkest corner

Title: The Darkest Corner
Author: KaraThomas
Release Date: 4/19/2016
Reviewed by: Emily

The Darkest Corners was so creepy and horrifying that I couldn’t help but stay up until I finished it- and then I stayed awake because it’s impossible to sleep after a story like that. I could never have guessed how twisted everything really was. The novel was about as dark of a psychological thriller as you can get while still being marketed for teenagers. There were no overwhelmingly graphic depictions, but imagining it on your own takes it to a darker place than if it had been written down.

The first two-thirds of the novel were a slow burn. All the little pieces that at first seem unconnected build up until it all comes together in the ending high-energy chapters.

Tessa and Callie are both very well-written. Tessa narrates the story, but Callie is there with her almost every step of the way. They both dealt with their shared trauma in different ways- Callie with drinking, Tessa with trying to ignore the memories, and the story gave them the space to deal with it without brushing it aside.

A word of advice- Don’t read this before bed unless you have at least twelve night-lights.