the glittering court

Title: The Glittering Court
Author: RichelleMead
Release Date: 4/5/2016
Reviewed by: Mia

Richelle Mead’s new book The Glittering Court is the story of a headstrong and resourceful girl, who runs away from her privileged life, changes her identity, and joins the Glittering Court. Only one person knows her true identity and “Adelaide” wants to keep it that way. To do this, her and Cedric make a deal: Cedric will keep her identity secret, if “Adelaide” helps him obtain the money he needs, for what, she has no idea and isn’t planning on finding out. Now all “Adelaide” has to do is blend in long enough to escape from her past.
I have loved all of Richelle Mead’s other books, but as they are fantasy and this one is not, I was curious to see how this one would turn out. By all means it wasn’t a terrible book, it had some good characters, and the cultural aspects were well thought out, but the plot was a bit scattered. The first third, and most of the second, of the book reminded me a lot of The Selection Series by Kiera Cass. The girls of the Glittering Court are hand picked, and then tutored by high class instructors who are very well educated in the customs of the court. Then when they arrive in Adoria, the girls are paraded around at parties, trying to win the heart of the wealthiest man there.
Then the plot and scenery change again, this time turning into something out of Little House on the Prairie; with the cannon going on a 2 week trip across the wilderness to a newly acquired plot of land to pay off their new debt to Cedric’s father by mining gold. There they are forced to live in conditions drastically different to those that “Adelaide” or Cedric are used to, hunting for food, living in a rundown shack with an almost non existent roof.
Although, there were a few plot issues, overall, Mead has something that can potentially be a great series as the series goes further.