into the dim'
Title: Into The Dim
Author: Janet B. Taylor
Release Date: 3/1/2016
Reviewed by: Mia

Hope’s mom mysteriously disappeared 6 months ago during an earthquake and Hope is the only person who believes that she is still alive. So when Hope gets an email from her aunt, inviting her to come and spend the summer in Scotland, she jumps at the chance. Not only will Hope possibly find out more about her mother’s disappearance, but she will also learn more about her mom’s past. She will also get to meet a family she barely knew existed, filled with secrets of their own. Upon arrival, Hope find out the truth; her mom is alive, and part of a secret group of time travelers. For the past 6 months her mom has been trapped in the twelfth century, with no way back home. The only way for Hope to save her mom is to use the information her mom taught her since birth, and blend into the past, to fix the future.

I loved the historical and intellectual aspects of this book. It was as if I was reading the brain child of a history text book, a YA book about growing up and facing your fears, and a fantasy/adventure book. All the fun of an adventure into a new and scary place, mixed with the teen angst and growth of a YA novel, and the intellect and information of a history book.

I am a big fan of time travel books, I love adventuring into the past with characters from the present, and the characters in this book are the perfect example of that. I also really liked the underground “lair” that these time travelers had, filled with clothes and money from every time period. What surprised me was that the book didn’t end in a cliff hanger. Yes, there were definitely plot points left open so that the author could continue the series, but they were more like a runway, allowing the author to easily land and end the book without jostling the “passengers” or readers, along the way. I was holding my breath towards the end, saying to myself “This is the last chapter, prepare to be left hanging emotionally by the ending.” Yet this never happened. The book continued, wrapping up loose ends and cleanly cutting off the major plot points, leaving no splinters in the hearts of readers. This was a big change for me, most of the series that I have been reading lately end with cliff hangers, but I ended up liking it, it wasn’t a bad change at all. I recommend this book for people who like time travel, mixed with a bit of the technical parts involved, and the emotions and relationships of teenagers.