May Buzz Book:

The Passion of Dolssa

by Julie Berry

What the Teen Press Corps Is Saying: 

“The story is told mostly from the points of view of Botille and Dolssa, with a few other characters mixed in, such as Friar Lucien. I loved Botille and her sisters. They were such a wonderful group and they had a great dynamic. I also enjoyed the focus on the relationship of the Botille and her sisters along with Dolssa. As I read, I felt the desperation, fear, love, joy, anger… everything Botille and Dolssa went through I felt viscerally. This is due in part to the fact that the story is based off of the written record of a Friar Arnaut, and the idea that the story could be real, or some part of it could be, enlivens every page.”

-Emily, Teen Press Corps

passion cover

About the Book:

A compelling tale of friendship, loyalty, danger, and betrayal. Set during the 13th Century in southern France, it tells the story of Dolssa, a teenaged mystic, condemned as a heretic by Dominican inquisitors for the visions she won’t deny, and of Botille, the peasant matchmaker and tavern-keeper who rescues Dolssa from death after she escapes her execution and flees as a fugitive across Provence. Dolssa, her sisters, and a surly newcomer named Symo all help to conceal Dolssa from the inquisitor hunting her down. But their attempt at compassion only brings danger upon them, their community, and everything they love.

National Buzz:

“Immersive and mesmerizing … a gorgeously built world.” Kirkus Reviews

– Kirkus Review

“Berry again delivers an utterly original and instantly engrossing story…she weaves a tense, moving portrait of these two teenage girls and their struggle to survive against insurmountable odds.” Publishers Weekly, starred review

– Publishers Weekly

“An expertly crafted piece of historical fiction, Berry’s latest is a must for middle and high school libraries.” School Library Journal, starred review

– School Library Journal

“Two unique girls, thrown together in a time of change and danger. One transcendent reading experience.” Nancy Werlin, National Book Award honoree and New York Times bestseller

-Nancy Werlin

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