i read ya

Every year Scholastic and This Is Teen put on a social media event titled: “I Read YA”. The prompt gets people buzzing about their favorite books and the reasons why they read young adult. So, here at the Teen Press Corps, we wanted to share our stories on why we read and love young adult literature!



I Read YA Because: “YA is a place where  everything is possible. Genre boundaries are pushed against and blurred, and it reflects the period of change and confusion that is being a teenager.”


I Read YA Because: “The spectrum of books is so massive and the community and authors are some of the nicest and welcoming people you will ever meet!”


I Read YA Because: “I like going on adventures with characters that are my age.”


I Read YA Because: “It’s a part of my soul.”


I Read Ya Because: “I crave the way young adult characters understand me. I find bits and pieces of myself in just about any book I read. It’s like the more I read, the more I get to know myself.”


I Read YA Because: “It’s difficult to write good books that aren’t too adult or too young, so when you find one, it’s so much better. The really talented young adult authors are so amazing because they have that perfect balance. YA authors and books are honestly what so many of my friends and I have bonded over.”


I Read YA Because: “When writing to a younger audience, you can be more creative and adventurous. It is more fun and enjoyable and you can sometimes learn from it.”


I Read YA Because: ” In general it makes me feel happy, and it allows an escape from the real world. Books have been such an influence in my life- Ya, especially. The characters and journeys are relatable  and fun and have taught me a lot about life.


I Read YA Because: ” It has relatable characters that go on journeys I can relate to my own life.”