walk on earth a stranger

Title: Walk On Earth A Stranger
Author: Rae Carson
Release Date: 9/22/15
Reviewed by: Emily

I’m liking the recent rise in westerns that I’ve seen in Young Adult. Six years ago, my mom took my sister and I on a road trip along the Oregon trail and a side-trip along the path of the California gold rush. To prepare for the trip, I checked out all the the books about the wild west and the Oregon trail I could find. Walk the Earth a Stranger would have been perfect for that trip.

Lee was strong, determined, and intelligent. Despite her parents’ murders and taking a dangerous, deadly path to escape her controlling uncle, she never gave up. She must pretend to be a man in order to reach California and escape her uncle, but that’s not her only secret. She can sense gold, a very lucrative power that her uncle won’t let slip through his fingers so easily.

However, I wish the secondary characters had been a bit more developed. The entire cast was amazing, so hopefully that’s something that will come to fruition in the second novel.

It’s a fast-paced adventure novel with lots of action and drama. There are times when the novel is a bit slow, but that’s more due to the fact that Lee is traveling across the country by horseback than the writing itself.

Rae Carson combines fantasy with western in her newest novel. Fans of her Fire and Thorns series are sure to enjoy Walk on Earth a Stranger.