Title: Hello?
Author: Liza Wiemer
Release Date: 11/10/2015
Reviewed by: Xander

Brenda. Angie. Emerson. Brian. Tricia.

Brenda is trying to find her place in the world. She is a screenwriter who is moving to New York soon for college.

Angie is waiting for her boyfriend to ask her to prom. She gets lost in her poetry.

Emerson wants to break up with his girlfriend, but is scared. He gets a call one night from an unknown number.

Brian is an artist who is taking care of his girlfriend. He doesn’t think he can stand it much longer.

Tricia is mourning her grandma’s passing. As a last resort, she calls her grandma’s old phone number.

Somehow, some way, these 5 Wisconsin teens’ stories intertwine and mesh together. Liza Wiemer’s YA debut, HELLO? is sure to capture readers with its unique concept and fluid storytelling.

HELLO? is such an incredible story that, to be told well, has to be executed correctly. Guess what? This book was. The POVs in this book are unique and each new chapter brings an exciting perspective and an inspiring Ralph Waldo Emerson quote. (OMG is that why Emerson’s name is Emerson? *mind blown*) I love how Liza alternated between narrative, screenplay, and poetry to tell the stories of the characters based on their passions. Overall, HELLO? was a wonderfully played out book with great character development and writing. Would I recommend this? HELLO? What are you talking about? Yes I would!