into the dim'

Title: Into the Dim
Author: Janet B. Taylor
Release Date: 3/1/16
Reviewed by: Aurora

Time Travel is really hard to get right, but I loved the way Janet B. Taylor dealt with it in Into the Dim. The theory was easy enough to understand (unlike some…) and made sense. Also, I couldn’t catch any major holes in the time traveling theory (as I usually do), which is always a nice bonus.

The story is based on a girl from the US named Hope. Eight months after her mom died in an earthquake, Hope travels to Scotland (her mother’s home country) to get away from her grief. That’s when she learns of the secret time traveling society her mom was part of. She, along with a couple new friends, has to travel back to the 12th century to rescue her mom, who has actually been trapped there while she was supposedly dead. Of course she makes friends and meets foes too during the journey.

The mixture of historical fiction and science fiction has always been so fascinating to me that this was perfect. I’m a sucker for medieval ages too, so that may also have greatly enhanced my perception of the story. Taylor used true facts really well to create this fictional add on to history.

I really liked the complexity between Hope and her love interest. Neither of them were trying to control the other, they were okay with being equals. Also, they never wasted any time in important situations (one of my common criticism). Instead, they were smart and collected even when together.

I have to say, usually plot twists are predictable in books for me, but I was pleasantly surprised with this ones. Even the twists had twists, so I was continuously entertained. There weren’t any points where the story dragged or was unbearable to read. Also, I won’t say much about it, but once you get near the end… Wow! I never expected that. It has a super shocking revelation.

The writing was easy to follow and fall into once you get started. But best of all, the characters didn’t drive me insane, which I absolutely loved since they usually do in other books (mostly by being stubborn, rash, and unreasonable).

This is Janet B. Taylor’s first book, which I’m also assuming is the first in a series/trilogy. For a debut novel, this one sure hit its mark. When I read that Taylor wasn’t already a well established author, I was surprised. How is she this good and only just now being published? I have high hopes for what comes next.

Into the Dim is a great time travel story if you’re looking for one or even if you’re not. It’s definitely worth giving a shot because I think more people would enjoy it.