Title: The Season
Author: Jonah Lisa & Stephen Dyer
Release Date: 7/12/16
Reviewed by: Allegra

I love Pride and Prejudice. The mysterious Mr. Darcy. The beautiful dresses and elegant parties. And of course the amazing independence and boldness of Elizabeth Bennet. What’s not to love? And like most fans of the Jane Austen book, I know of many adaptations of the book. But none have been as brilliantly delivered as Jonah and Stephen Dyer’s The Season.

Follow Megan Lucille McKnight, a star soccer player, a daughter of a cowboy, and…a debutante? The Season perfectly captures Jane Austen’s original plan for Pride and Prejudice, a story about a brassy girl learning where and how she fits into the world. And no one is as brassy, or ballsy, as Megan McKnight. She didn’t ask for any of it; the dresses, the balls, or the delightfully boring dates. But she will do anything for her family, and if participating in the 2016 Bluebonnet Debutante Season is the only way to help save her parents marriage, then bring on the dresses!

But while she will do anything for her family Megan has to ask herself; can she do it? Balancing her soccer career, her junior year in college, and the aristocracy of the debutante season is becoming beyond difficult, not to mention her family’s debt. And who are the two new guys in her life, and what are they hiding from her? Hank Waterhouse the sweet and honest boyfriend, and Andrew Gage the arrogant and pretentious aristocrat have a history, and Megan’s determined to find out what happened between them. Things are taking a turn for the worse, and it looks like only Megan’s stubbornness will get her out of this mess.

The Season isn’t so much of a love story as a story about a girl becoming a woman, and learning that actions have consequences, not everything is what it seems, and most importantly that staying true to yourself is a hell of a lot better than becoming something you’re not.

Get ready to play soccer, drink tea, and break a few noses as you travel with Megan through Dallas’ upper class society, and prepare to encounter more than a few troubles thanks to Megan’s blunt, sometimes reckless, but always hilarious nature.

A modern Pride and Prejudice with a Texan twist, The Season is a perfect book to settle down with this summer. And be prepared to be wowed. I mean a ranch, a brazen soccer player, and romance all in one book. What more could you ask for?