Title: Daughters Unto Devils
Author: Amy Lukavics
Release Date: 9/29/15
Reviewed by: Haley

“You are stronger than you think you are. You are not your thoughts. The only devil inside of you is the one you created yourself.”

Last winter, sixteen-year-old Amanda Verner saw the devil. It whispered to her from outside her family’s small wooden cabin in the mountains. It taunted her from the forest. Her family thought her to be crazy. Cabin fever, they called it. But there was one thing Amanda knew that her family didn’t: the voices were real. She had mortally sinned—praying for the death of her baby sister—and the devil had come to collect her….

A year later, Amanda’s family decides to move to the prairie. A fresh start, an escape from the ghastly fate another harsh winter has in store for them. Upon arriving in their new home, they discover the inside covered in blood. Strange voices are heard from the nothingness of night. And a horrible pall of despair hangs over the cabin.

Amanda has heard stories. Stories of haunted lands, where demons wander in search of poor souls to possess, satanic scarecrows feast on cowering children, and sinning families are broken apart.

She can only hope that the true evil lies within the land, and not herself.

Daughters Unto Devils is the craziest, scariest, too-spooky-to-read-at-night-est book I have ever read. In other words, it was AWESOME. This novel takes place around the time of Little House on the Prairie, which is super exciting because most horror books are set in the modern day. The writing reflects the time period beautifully, and it is beyond me how the author Amy Lukavics portrays the setting so realistically, down to detailed accounts of the clothing the characters wear, their means of transportation (caravan—how nifty!), and the daily activities each member of the family is tasked with. And don’t worry, there’s a dash of romance, too! Just don’t get too attached to anyone… you never know what might happen with a demon or two on the loose!

With a thrilling slow simmer and spine-tingling scenes, Daughters Unto Devils is the perfect read for horror-enthusiasts who love brilliant writing, realistic characters, and a good fright!