Title: Scripted
Author: Maya Rock
Release Date: 2/2/16
Reviewed by: Haley

Lights, camera… action!

On Bliss Island, life is, well, blissful for sixteen-year-old Nettie Starling and the other Characters whose lives revolve around entertaining the Audience on 24/7 reality television.  The majority of the Audience inhabits a war-torn mainland, ravaged by intermittent revolts and toxic pollution.  Not the best place to live, if you get my drift….

But Bliss Island isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.  Characters are slaves to their ratings: if ratings dip too low, Characters get cut.  And when a Character gets cut?  Well…let’s just say no one knows what happens next.  All the Blissins know is that cut Characters are never seen again.

Unfortunately for Nettie, she’s not doing very well in the ratings department.  In fact, she seems to be doing worse and worse by the day….until she is presented with a saving grace: if Nettie makes a move on the boy she has been crushing on for years, her ratings are guaranteed to shoot up.

The only problem?  Lover boy is Nettie’s best friend’s boyfriend.

Scripted, by Maya Rock, is the most unique book I have read all year.  It was incredible.  Nettie is refreshingly real (especially for a character on a scripted reality show), and the characters are all so distinct and original, with their own special quirks and hopes and fears that distinguish them from one another.  Plus, the world building is spectacular.  Information is given on a need-to-know basis, which unravels the story in the most mysterious of ways.  Overall, this was an amazing, amazing read.  It’s perfect for the reader who is looking for a book that extends past the usual YA tropes.  It also definitely changed my perception of reality television.

And– cut!

That’s a wrap!