all the bright places

Title: All The Bright Places
Author: Jenifer Niven
Release Date: 1/6/15
Reviewed by: Emma

It’s on the top of their school’s bell tower when Finch first meets Violet. They stand on the edge, six stories up, to ponder the great end. The end of life. The end of themselves.

For Finch, these thoughts are normal, an everyday occurrence. For Violet, this is completely new. And she is absolutely terrified. He decides, then, as he sees her fear, to save her, to talk her down.

Days later, they start a school project together: To wander the great state of Indiana. But they are completely different – she’s popular, and he’s a freak. It shouldn’t work out. But it’s together that they finally save themselves.

To be honest, this book surprised me. When I started it, I assumed that it was just another story about two teenagers in love, with the risk of death, like all of the other YA novels out right now. But I couldn’t set it down. I couldn’t stop reading. I finished it in about a day. To start off, the writing is exquisite. This is a wonderful, heartbreaking, sometimes funny, and always beautiful story.

It’s written in two point of views, Finch’s and Violet’s.

Theodore Finch is a strange kid with a strange family, and he spends his time thinking, “Is today a good day to die?”

Violet was just in the car crash that killed her older sister, Eleanor. She’s heartbroken.

And this is why they meet, six stories up, on the ledge of a bell tower. This is why they fall in love.