Title: Atlantia
Author: Ally Condie
Release Date: 10/28/14
Reviewed by: MacKinsey
The above world has become polluted and almost uninhabitable, so to save humanity, some were sent Below, to the underwater city of Atlantia. Once a year, young adults from Below have the choice to remain Below, or to go Above and dedicate their life to preserving Atlantia. Rio has always dreamed of going above, of feeling the sun on her face and seeing the stars, but when her mother dies she promises her sister, Bay, that she will stay with her. When Bay decides to go Above, Rio is lost and is desperate to find out why she left. Along the journey, she meets True, a boy whose best friend left him for Above, and Maire, her mother’s siren sister, and she must decide who to trust to help her get Above.
While Atlantia was not what I expected (reading about sirens, I was thinking mermaids), I really enjoyed this novel. The descriptions are so vivid I can picture Atlantia in my mind, especially the metal trees. As with any great novel, much of the plot is not revealed to you until later in the story, and sometimes the reveals, both the small and large, can be forced. Not in Atlantia. By the time I was finished reading, the plot had resolved itself satisfactorily and everything fit together. I recommend this book to those who enjoyed the brief mermaid trend in teen fiction–it’s not about mermaids, but there are elements of mer-people in it!