~Post by Evelyn

Although, summer is coming to an end; I recently visited New York City and was able to see the famous Strand Book Store–yes the Strand Book Store home to 18 miles of books and three floors of literature. It is as amazing as it sounds.

 The first floor mainly has gifts (such as socks, magnents, T-shirts, tote bags, gift cards etc.). The second and third floor are books. Lots of books. So many books. Ah . . .the books. They had books on almost anything in almost any genre–historical fiction, romance, science fiction, fashion, architecture, graphic novels, and of course, young adult. Their young adult section was on the second floor and took up two rows of ceiling-high shelves. They had a few of my
unnamed (1)favorite authors–Lauren Oliver, Scott Westerfeld, Victoria Aveyard, Jennifer Armentrout, and countless others–as well as some I had never heard of. (They also had a good collection of Harry Potter merchandise–such as key chains with the house crests on them and collections of HP pins). Needless to say, I spent hours scanning their shelves and finding new things to read.
I would definitely put this bookstore at the top a ‘to do’ list of New York City for any book lover. No matter what genre you crave, this store will have it, and in abundance. Yes, the store is small and crowded, but not debilitating, and I was able to find my way around without getting lost or confused. I had an amazing time visiting it; it was a perfect mix of obscure literature and well-known books, and most certainly did not disappoint.
Here are some of my favorite magnets I found, as well as the shelves of the YA section and the Harry Potter pins I bought.