Furthermore, by Tahereh Mafi, is available now in the store and online.

Reviewed by: Haley

Far, far, away, in the magical, vibrant land of Ferenwood, lives a young, rather colorless girl named Alice who has lost her father—her father, who is said to have left one day with nothing but a dusty ruler in hand.  Her father, whom Alice loves very dearly.  Alice embarks on an adventure to find him, accompanied by the wily Oliver Newbanks, risking her life to recover what was once hers.

But when this dangerous quest leads her to the whimsical world of Furthermore, where up is down, right is never right, and creatures want her dead, will Alice find Father?  Or will they have her head, first?

Tahereh Mafi has done it again.  Years ago, her debut novel Shatter Me cast me under a spell, and Furthermore pulled me right back in.  Full of intrigue, humor, and even a bit of romance, Mafi’s Furthermore is a colorful masterpiece composed of lyrical sentences and heart-stopping action.  A unique take on Alice in Wonderland, this novel nods to the original story and evokes themes of Harry Potter, while also crafting itself as a new classic.  Both Alice and Oliver are endearing characters with a quirky, amusing relationship, and the ending falls together so perfectly that it may as well be wrapped with a big red bow.  Furthermore is a perfect read for lovers of light fantasy, A Monster Calls, and happily ever afters….with a twist.

Now tell me—are you brave enough to venture into the world of Furthermore?