by Lauren Oliver

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Reviewed by: Sofia

Gemma is a relatively normal teenager with one friend, a heart surgery under her belt, and a mean nickname; Frankenstein. All her life, Gemma has felt out of place. Bullied, discouraged, and abandoned during spring break, Gemma sets out to solve the mystery of her father’s bizarre pharmaceutical company that he left so many years ago.

Then, turn the book over and you’ll meet Lyra, or number 24, as she is called in Haven, an institute for clones; or replicas as they preferred to be called here. For as long as Lyra can remember, Haven has been her world.

When Haven is overturned one day, the two girls cross paths and a heroic mystery adventure unfolds. Who are the replicas? Why were they created? And why does Gemma have eerie memories of Haven?

This book is a page turner, any way you turn it. Lauren Oliver has once again proven to be a fantastic, thrilling author with a talent for mystery adventure novels. She creates an intelligent contrast between Lyra and Gemma’s narratives that gives the reader insight to each of their lives. This book had me hooked from the first few pages of Lyra’s story. You can read this any way you like and you’ll still be disappointed when you run out of pages.