the you i've never known

Title: The You I’ve Never Known 

Author: Ellen Hopkins

Review by: Haley

On Sale: Now

Two girls, one secret, and the loss of a lifetime….

Meet Ariel: she’s seventeen, a daddy’s girl, and is always on the go.  It’s been a lifetime of new apartments, new schools, new friends and faces and plans…. now all Ariel wants is to settle down. Stay in one place long enough to know roads by heart and build memories across every square foot of a town. Her mom disappeared when she was young―it’s just been Ariel and Dad ever since.

Enter Maya: too young to drink, too in love to think straight… she falls head over heels for a sweet southern guy whose child she is carrying. Suddenly finding herself in a hasty marriage with a baby on the way, Maya must learn to say howdy to new challenges or kiss her cute Texas cowboy goodbye.

The life Ariel thought she knew comes crashing down when her mother returns, claiming her father kidnapped Ariel fourteen years ago.

Who will Ariel trust―the wild woman who claims to be her mother, or the man whom she knows to be her father…the man who has raised her for nearly two decades?

Perhaps Ariel is done with trust. Perhaps, instead, she will find an unlikely friend in a girl whose situation couldn’t be more different than hers, yet has more in common with her than either of them could ever understand….

Ellen Hopkins’ The You I’ve Never Known is a breathtaking coming-of-age story about two girls who must confront who they truly are, while battling loss and betrayal from the loved ones they’ve always held so close. I am absolutely enthralled by this book: the painfully honest writing, the heart-breaking prose, and the lyric verse christen it a masterpiece. Though the two girls’ stories differ in context, the emotions they face and the challenges they must overcome mirror one another exquisitely.

I can honestly say that after reading this most recent of releases by Ellen Hopkins, I plan on binge-reading every last one of her books.

The You I’ve Never Known has left me absolutely floored: feeling hopeful yet stricken, relieved yet entirely consumed. Read this book for the emotional rollercoaster of a lifetime.