Title: Scythe

Author: Neal Schusterman

Review by: Evelyn

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Citra and Roman don’t want to kill. Which makes them the perfect people for the job. In a society set during a Utopian future where all disease has been eradicated and humans live forever, there are Scythes. Scythes kill, and Scythes must kill, as people can only die by Scythes.

Citra and Roman, two ordinary immortal teens, are taken on as apprentices to a Scythe. Unwillingly, the two are shoved into the cruel world of the Scythedom and are told “thou shalt kill” by this mysterious organization of legalized murder. But the Scythedom is not all that it seems, and Scythes can lie and cheat just as easy as everyone else, even if the laws don’t apply to them.

I could not put this book down. While being extremely entertaining with a captivating plot line, this book also discusses deep and moral questions which had me pondering my own existence for days.  After finishing, I found myself unable to find a book good enough to fill the emotional and thought-provoking void this book left in me. Not only is this book food for thought, it is a 7 course meal complete with two salads and dessert. Anyone in need of a light and fun read should probably stay away from this novel, though, as its shadowy corners are frighteningly dark and scary to venture into.
My only criticism would be how the book sometimes turn morbid and depressing, because it does not tread lightly around the topics of death and killing. This is only a small problem, though, as the quick and action-packed plot made for a truly enjoyable read. I would definitely recommend this book for anyone wanting a philosophical novel filled with powerful meaning and interesting questions of life, death and morality.