by S. Jae Jones

Review by Sofia

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Be careful what you wish for. In the Underground where the Goblin King lives, wishes have power.

Liesl, a plain, unremarkable girl, grew up playing with the Goblin King in the Goblin Grove just outside of her family’s inn. Gifted with musical talent and passion of musical composition, Liesl grows up and forgets about the Goblin King- that is until her sister is kidnapped. With Kathe gone, Liesl sets out on a dangerous mission to rescue her from the Goblin King’s court and stop her from becoming his bride. The stakes are high and full of sacrifice. Liesl might have to give up everything to protect her sister and save her world from eternal winter. In this fantasy romance novel by Jae Jones, one wish might just be enough to change everything.

Fans of The Labyrinth will rejoice over this novel. It’s deeply enchanting and romantic, written as if it is both a novel and a symphony. Liesl’s love for music and composing is woven throughout the book and is spellbinding to read. S. Jae Jones does a wonderful job of developing characters and changing them as they grow and arc through the story.  Wintersong tells the story of the unwanted sister who desires to be ‘the special one’. Her brother is the violinist extraordinaire, her sister is the beautiful maiden, and she is just the innkeeper’s daughter, that is, until she learns how much she’ll have to sacrifice to save what she loves most. In the underground, Liesl comes to realize the power of a wish is not to be taken lightly.