a list of cages

Title: A List of Cages

Author: Robin Roe

On Sale: Now

Review by: Addison

 A List of Cages is one of the most powerful books that I’ve read. I’m not a very “I cry when I read sad books” kind of person, but A List of Cages actually brought me to tears.

      Adam Blake is a senior in high school. He’s got a great group of friends, a wonderful mom, and a good life. When Adam lands being an aide to the school psychologist as one of his electives, he’s given the job of tracking down a troubled freshman that won’t talk to the doctor. When Adam successfully finds him, he realizes it’s Julian, a boy that was his foster brother, and who he hasn’t seen for five years.

      There’s a lot about Julian that Adam doesn’t know. Even though Julian seems the same, as in he still loves picture books, writes stories, and is still the sweet boy that Adam remembers, something seems wrong. As much as Adam wants to find out, Julian doesn’t want to open up. As Adam spends more and more time with Julian, it becomes more obvious. It almost seems like Julian is stuck, like he’s missing a part of him, and Adam is determined to find out what.

    A List of Cages is a book full of compassion, sadness, and emotion. While reading the book, you get to know who the characters are, and I myself almost felt like I knew them. As Julian’s story unravels in front of your eyes, you will be amazed at what you discover. Julian carries a lot of emotional baggage, and don’t be surprised if this book brings you to tears. A book with a strong message, this book teaches you what friendship and love truly are.