Willful Machines


Title: Willful Machines

Author: Tim Floreen

Available: Now

Reviewed by: Evelyn

Lee Fisher has many problems. He’s gay (a big no-no, what with current state of things), the new boy is ridiculously attractive, the cybernetic terrorist, Charlotte, has started threatening his school, and, to make matters worse, his father is the President of the United States. But as drama ensues, as well as danger, Lee finds that cute boys, AI terrorists, and powerful fathers are the least of his problems.
 I absolutely could not put down this book. Every moment is action-packed, from the first scene where someone does a handstand on a the edge of a cliff, to the last scene where somebody almost dies.
The main character was original and deep, with rich history and inner turmoil that added a truly fantastic twist to the book. Willful Machines asks the question”What is free will?” but neglects to answer it, leaving me to think about this book for weeks after I’d finished it. I can’t recommend this book enough to anyone who wants a quick read, or a seven-course philosophical meal for the mind.

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