Title: Rot & Ruin 

Author: Jonathan Maberry 

Available: Now 

Reviewed by: Evelyn 


Rot and Ruin is unlike any zombie novel I’ve ever read, but in the best ways possible. With close to 500 pages of text, this book does an amazing job of staying active the entire time. I never found myself bored or in need of a break, in fact, I couldn’t put it down!

The main character, Benny Imura, changes immensely throughout the book and I enjoyed watching how his view of the world shifted as he grew through his experiences and adventures. I especially appreciated the societal organization of this post-apocalyptic zombie-wasteland and the time the author put in to create a realistic community and culture.

This book deals with the emotional strain of watching your loved ones turn into man-eating monsters and asks about the morality of killing zombies (a surprisingly difficult question). In doing so, it approaches the threat of “zombie” with a completely, and in my opinion more realistic, point of view, which creates a really interesting and thought-provoking conflict and plot-line. This is a zombie-lovers must-read and I definitely recommend it to anyone who wants a different and interesting take on the classic zombie tale!