a drop of night A Drop of Night by Stefan Bachmann 

Reviewed by: Katie

Available: Now 


How would you like to explore a palace that has been hidden underground for 200 years? Anouk has the chance to do just that. After receiving a letter in the mail from the Sapani Corporation, she is embarking on an all-expenses paid trip to explore Palais du Papillon, or Palace of the Butterfly, a palace that dates back to the French Revolution and hasn’t been disturbed in 200 years.

However, this seemingly perfect trip does not turn out to be what Anouk or the other teenagers are expecting at all. Strange and terrifying things begin happening in the palace and group must work together in order to get out alive.

A Drop of Night begins with a diary entry from Aurelie du Bessancourt, a girl living at the time of the French Revolution and whose father is building the vast underground Palace of the Butterfly. Since the first line I was completely drawn in. Aurelie’s and Anouk’s stories work in tandem and keep me engaged in the story as I’m trying to piece together the history of this palace. There are several plot twists that kept me up late into the night.

I really loved this book and would definitely recommend it for fans of thrillers! Are you ready to learn the secrets the Palais du Papillion holds?