hush hushHush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick 

Review by: Haley

Available: Now 

She’s fallen for the fallen….

On a frigid fall day in Coldwater, Maine, sixteen-year-old Nora Grey decides to take a trip to the Delphic Amusement Park to take her mind off of him.  Patch.  Her infuriating lab partner who she is both attracted and repulsed by.  A flyer advertises the Archangel, a new attraction that boasts a one hundred-foot vertical drop.  Unlikely Nora will be riding that.

But things change when Nora crosses paths with Patch and is presented with a bet: if she can ride the Archangel with him without screaming, Patch will convince their teacher to replace him as her partner.  Deal.

Upon ascending the rickety roller coaster, Nora realizes that her seatbelt is unbuckled.  This cannot be happening.  Unable to secure the seatbelt, Nora slams into the door of the car, accidentally opening it, and falls off the ride, plummeting to the ground.  A goner.

And then the next thing she knows, Nora is on the loading platform, sitting in the cart with Patch—safe and sound.  Seatbelt securely fastened.  What just happened?

And then he opens his mouth:

“Now that’s what I call a scream… Guess we’re stuck as partners.”

Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick is everything I could ever ask for in a book.  First off, the action is insane.  We’re talking stalkers + murder + attacks + mind games + betrayal.  Oh, and angels.  Lots and lots of angels.  Also, Nora tells her story in the most stunning first person narrative.  It’s part hilarious, part relatable, and part heartrending.  The icing on the cake?  Every single one of the characters is developed so, so well.  But honestly, the best part of this book series is Patch and Nora’s relationship.  Becca Fitzpatrick writes the most swoon-worthy romance, complete with A+ flirtatious banter and top-notch chemistry.

So, do yourself a favor and read Hush, Hush.  I promise it will be your new favorite!