crescendo Crescendo by Becca Fitzpatrick 

Review by: Haley

Available: Now 

Nora Grey shouldn’t be alive.

Thanks to her fallen-turned-guardian-angel boyfriend Patch, she survived a several story fall that should’ve killed her. But the danger hasn’t passed yet….

When a boy from her past makes a reappearance, all hell breaks loose. Suddenly Nora finds herself caught in the midst of a fierce insurgency within the supernatural world. Tensions heighten when she becomes the object of affection between two love interests.

Worst of all, as Nora uncovers secret after secret about her family’s dark history, she must face the reality that she doesn’t know who her deceased father really was after all…. Her entire life has been a lie.

It won’t be long before things spiral into a crescendo.

Oh. My. Guardian. Angel. I give this book five stars. No — ten! A hundred! The Hush, Hush series by Becca Fitzpatrick is my biggest guilty pleasure. With a swoon-worthy romance and action-packed pages, there’s no way to get me to put this book down once I’ve picked it up.

Ooh! Here’s a riddle for you: what do chilling premonitions, rustic bar brawls, and archangels all have in common? They’re all in Crescendo, of course!

The characters in this series might just be what makes it so over-the-top fantastic. With Nora’s frizzy hair, awkward demeanor, and anxious ways, she takes relatable to a whole new level. Her best friend Vee is one of my favorite book best friends to read. She’s sweet, funny, and just a little too honest. And don’t even get me started on Patch…. Can you say best-book-boyfriend ten times fast?

Trust me on this one. Crescendo is a heart-stopping read that will take you to heaven and back. Just watch out — you never know when those wings may turn into horns….