desert darkDesert Dark by Sonja Stone 

Review by: Katie

Available: Now 

Nadia Riley is a pretty smart girl, but all she wants to do is get out of town. After a bad breakup with her boyfriend and a fight with her (now ex) best friend, who would blame her. Her prayers are answered in the form of the elite boarding school, all the way in Arizona, Desert Mountain Academy.

Desert Mountain Academy is not all that it seems. Rather than just a prestigious boarding school, it’s a training and recruitment school for the CIA. That’s right; it’s a spy school. As Nadia begins to work hard to catch up with her new curriculum and bond with her four-man team, news leaks out that there is a double agent on campus. Someone’s made Nadia the prime suspect.

This book was a roller coaster. Every chapter left me on the edge of my seat, wanting to know more. Stone does a brilliant job of weaving in just enough clues to make things interesting but not so many as to spoil the story. I was left guessing the ending all the way until the reveal, but looking back I could still see how everything fit together! The characters are all real and lovable and can definitely kick butt! Even though the book switches points of view frequently, there isn’t a character I dreaded slogging through for the story, like most multiple POV books. The characters all had their own unique voices and traits to make them interesting. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to pick up and exciting, fast paced mystery!