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Evelyn breaks down what you can expect from friends in different Hogwarts Houses:

What to expect from Gryffindor Friends:


Gryffindor friends say “fight me” as a greeting. They are fearless in their friendship and can sometimes be protective of you (but not in a bad way).  They WILL argue with you on ANY TOPIC they see fit, and often go on rants about a subject, sometimes for five minutes straight without breathing. Gryffindors strongly value the power of gift-giving and usually shower you with presents at birthdays/holidays. They are the friends who convinced you to watch a scary movie, then chickened out halfway through and switched to Rocky Horror Picture Show. They like summers and wildflowers and are up for pointless chatter (although they don’t see it as pointless). Gryffindors stay up too last discussing things at sleepovers and roaming Netflix. They are always up to hangout, and will probably eat the rest of that pie you didn’t finish. And Gryffindors AREN’T going to scream like a little girl when they see a spider, don’t try to tell them any different.


What to expect from Slytherin Friends:


Out of all of the flavors, Slytherin friends chose salt. They are up for bad-talking any one of your enemies with you AND plan to rule the world one day with you by their side. Slytherin friends are extremely loyal and protective of you, to the point of attacking others who have offended you. They have an endless supply of witty and sarcastic comebacks/remarks to throw, and are not afraid to tell it like it is, even if it might hurt feelings. Slytherins are filled with trivial facts and inside jokes and only take showers at midnight or 2:00 am. They drink black tea or coffee and know a slew of fancy insults which involve vocabulary most high schoolers wouldn’t understand. Slytherin friends taught you how to do that winged eyeliner, and introduced you to that band you now love. They hate homework and socializing and love late-night Netflix binges with ice cream and impromptu cinnabuns.


What to expect from Hufflepuff Friends:


Hufflepuff friends are the reason you ate cake at 3:00 pm yesterday. They arrive exactly when they want to (which might not be on time) wearing their best smile! Their hugs almost break your ribs, but are always invited, and yes OF COURSE they like your new haircut. Hufflepuff friends will shower you in unconditional love and affection, and will always cuddle when watching TV. They’re the ones you go to when you need a sympathetic shoulder to cry on or a someone to talk to, and they somehow know exactly what to say. Hufflepuffs ordered that Starbucks that is more a milkshake than coffee and will ride that sugar high until they crash on your sofa. They are very intelligent but many people don’t know because they rarely boast or talk about their own abilities. Sometimes Hufflepuffs are awkward in their affection, but you still love them because they play their music too loud and sing along out of tune and don’t give a damn what you think.


What to expect from Ravenclaw Friends:

Ravenclaw friends know too much for their own good, but not for yours. They are the ones who stay up too late to help you finish that homework because they refuse to give you the answers and insist on working through the entire problem. They give heartfelt and thoughtful gifts, and smell like old libraries, but you love the way they hug anyway. Ravenclaw friends lose track of time in a book, and when they emerge will talk animatedly and loudly about that book (sometimes too loud, and you have to tell them to quiet down because people are looking at you weird). Their favorite place to hang out is a bookstore, even though they never buy anything there. Ravenclaw friends drink way too much coffee and love cold rain and own too many notebooks, but always accept them as a gift. They’re random facts, and tired intelligent eyes, and ink-stained hands which shake when nervous, and Wikipedia searches you’ll hear all about the next day.