Tidbits from Book Con

Colleen and Maddie went to Book Con and they had a blast! Here’s just some of the things they discovered while there:

    • Christina Riccio (booktuber) finished the fourth draft of her upcoming novel and is about to begin the fifth.
    • Kat (booktuber) played clarinet in junior high.
    • Kami Garcia X files book is full of easter eggs from the long running show.
    • Rainbow Rowell’s Carry On cover was originally FanArt made for Fangirl.
    • Merit Weisenberg grew up in Balcones, Texas. Her book comes out on October 3rd of 2017.
    • Everyone is psyched for Warcross!
    • Teen authors are getting big.
    • Letters from characters is a new business-have business card, including letters from Rhys, Rowan, Harry Potter, Cassian, and more!
    • Kendare Blake is left handed and might sign your book upside down so she doesn’t crack the spine. 
    • Zenith ARCs hit the hands of readers and Sasha and Lindsay are super excited for people to start reading their book!
    • Leigh Bardugo Wonder Woman novel had so much hype and excitement. Only 200 copies were released, but over 500 people tried to snag one.



    • Bill Nye is a feminist and will make political jokes about anyone. He also says that to be a scientist, you have to be good at algebra.
    • The Shadow and Bone Trilogy by Leigh Bardugo is getting a gorgeous cover redesign.
    • Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard: The Ship of the Dead comes out October 3rd of 2017.
    • Bill Nye’s favorite place is Hawaii
    • Hawaii is the location of the next Jack and the Geniuses book
    • Mermaids would give live birth according to Bill Nye
    • Book t shirts are huge sellers
    • Owl Crates are super huge- people love them!
    • Cassandra Clare has to be under extreme security because of death threats
    • The sequel to Three Dark Crowns, One Dark Throne, comes out 9/16; it was amazing!
    • Wolves and Roses, by Christina Bauer, comes out October 31st. Wonderful lady and the book looks amazing!




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