Why Snape Will Never Be a Hero

– by Maddie


The other day, while watching Deathly Hallows, I was once again put into a frenzy about the naming of Albus Severus, like every Harry Potter fan since forever. My Mother quickly shot me down with a simple line.

“Severus Snape was a good guy in the end.”

But to this I say no. I Say Severus Snape was never a good guy, and he is undeserving of the title of a hero.

Has everyone forgotten the things he has done? A tragic past does not excuse this man who berated a child because his mother did not choose to be with him and his inability to move on. Even if you argue that he helped Harry so much (which I’ll be getting to later), what do you say to how he treated EVERY OTHER CHILD who wasn’t in Slytherin? He was Neville’s worst fear! A child whose parents were tortured and don’t even remember him, was more scared of his teacher than of Bellatrix Lestrange, and you’re telling me that’s okay? That that is what a hero is? Oh, but Neville could have been the chosen one. He could have saved Lily. He was a baby and a child being blamed for an action he didn’t commit, by a man who would have been perfectly content if Neville’s family had been MURDERED.

But if that’s not enough, what about poor dear Hermione? He made fun of a 12 year old girl’s teeth and her love of learning to the point where she magically altered her teeth and despised a class she was clearly excited about. She had nothing to do with Lily, yet he treated her like filth because she dared to answer his questions. What kind of person is so high and mighty that they feel threatened by a child who’s excited to learn what they’re teaching? Definitely not a hero.

There was a reason everyone told other students to beware of Snape. There was a reason that no one except his favored Slytherins, ever loved a class that could have been one of the coolest classes at Hogwarts. But with him in charge how could anyone? A man who verbally attacks anyone who cannot fight back is someone children should fear, not revere. Plus it’s just terrible teaching!

It was just an act so he could defy the Dark Lord.  This argument is already ridiculous considering  the Dark Lord wasn’t even a cognitive form for 5 books, but I shall argue it nevertheless. And to do this I ask, did that act ever really drop? He “pretended” loyalty until the moment he died. He did everything the Dark Lord asked of him, and was almost inconsequential to the taking down of the Dark lord. He told Dumbledore some information sure, but did he stop anyone from dying? Did he bring them information on the horcruxes? He tortured children and reaped the benefits of both sides of the war without his double crossing ever firing back on him. Even his death was more about a wand than anything he ever did. The Dark Lord never knew he betrayed him and Harry only learned about his small “good deeds’ from a potion, not from the man himself.  This would have been impossible considering he never owned up to anything he did to anyone. Sounds like a really brave man.

Of course, he did do those few good deeds that could be considered heroic. Except they shouldn’t be, because they were only ever done because he couldn’t get over a married dead woman. Never did he help any of the good guys because he believed they were right. Everything he did was because of Lily (who he yelled racial slurs at by the way). If she had not died he would still be a Death Eater, a group  he joined on his own free will. He never says he thinks that what the Death Eaters do was wrong. He was fine with them killing both James and Harry. They did not cross a line until they took away something from him that wasn’t his in the first place. Heroes do the right thing, and risk their lives, because that is something they believe in. Snape’s motives are anything but righteous, and anything but good.

His intent was nothing but selfish, his action nothing but cruel, yet people believe he deserves praise because he was put into the “friendzone” by a woman he wasn’t even kind to? Does being bullied excuse him bullying children and killing? I didn’t see Sirius Black becoming a Death Eater and destroying the wills of children. Does hiding behind others make you brave? Severus Snape was a coward who used his past as an excuse for a tirade of evil, and gained respect for it. He did nothing to deserve the love he gets, and he has done nothing to be considered good. In my eyes, Professor Snape lived and died as a selfish tormentor who is anything but a hero.