How I grew to love Slytherin

by: Kate


I should be in Ravenclaw. Every single house test I’ve taken (including the official Pottermore one) has told me my place is with the wise and intelligent. Trust me, I like Ravenclaw, as much as I like Hufflepuff and Gryffindor. But my argument has always been that the sorting hat takes your choice into account. And I choose Slytherin.


At first, as a young 5th grader in love with Tom Felton (who played Draco Malfoy in the movies), any house with Draco would make me happy. So after getting Ravenclaw on my first Pottermore house sorting test, I made a new account and chose the answers I thought would get me to Slytherin. I succeeded, using my cunning (which of course is a Slytherin trait).


There was something exciting about being the bad guy, and I truly believed that Slytherin was the house of the evil for a while. Of course, I embraced it. Bellatrix was my favorite character, after all. But I also knew that if Slytherin was just the house of the evil, it wasn’t really my house, because as cool as it’d be, I didn’t consider myself a prospective Death-Eater. At the end of the day, I really did believe kindness and warmth were the answers to most problems.


But as I grew older, after rereading the series, I realized there was no way a house would have survived for that long if its only quality was being evil. I started to hear the other Slytherins talking about our celebrated traits. Ambition. Shrewdness. Determination. Resourcefulness. I saw a lot of these qualities in myself, and began to really feel like a Slytherin.


The great thing about the Hogwarts house system is it focuses on dominant characteristics of a witch or wizard. Being a member of a house doesn’t confine you to just those qualities- there are brave Ravenclaws, cunning Hufflepuffs, kind Slytherins, smart Gryffindors. Being a Slytherin didn’t mean I was an evil monster; it meant I could be any kind of person I wanted to, but I’d always have that bit of ambition.


So maybe I should have been a Ravenclaw. But here I am, a Slytherin, who’s proud of her house. And I’m determined to convince you that Slytherins aren’t evil, but just as flawed and fun as the other houses.


Oh, and we have Draco Malfoy.