firebrand Firebrand by A. J. Hartley

Review by: Katie

Available: Now

After the success of solving her first case, the missing beacon, Bar-Selehms’ greatest steeplejack is on the hunt again. Anglet Sutonga is chasing a cat-burgler who has stolen plans for a brand new weapon- an upgraded machine gun. However, unlike her previous adventure, this mystery will take Ang into the echelons of Bar-Selehms aristocracy.

For this case, Ang must take on the persona of Princess Ki Misrai, royalty from far away Istillia. By pretending to be her, Ang is allowed access into the exclusive club Elitus. However, Elitus seems to have darker dealings than most would expect. Filled with back room deals and even murder, Ang must get to the bottom of this case before it is too late.

With murder, mystery, and political games, will Ang be able to solve the case and return the weapon plans?

A. J. Hartley has certainly done it again. This book is full of surprises and kept me up late into the night wanting to solve the case! The characters were real and funny, and I loved getting to know them through the story. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is looking for a thrilling, page turning, mystery.