dividing eden


Dividing Eden

by: Joelle Charbonneau

Review by: Katie

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When the twins Carys and Andreus were born, there was a prophecy. One of them would lead the kingdom of Eden into darkness and the other into the light. Despite the prophecy, the twins have always been close, protecting each other from the ruthless, manipulative court. Because their older brother is ahead of them in the succession order, the prophecy shouldn’t matter, neither was ever going to rule Eden.

Everything changes, however, when the dead bodies of their brother and father return to the castle. They were killed in an ambush by Eden’s enemy, Adderton. Since both twins have equal claim to the throne, the Council of Elders declares a Trial of Succession. It was written of in long ago scriptures and is composed of tasks that represent the seven virtues of Eden. The competitor who wins the most tasks wins the crown.

Now the twins, who have always supported each other, must come to face to face in a competition for their lives and the crown. Each learns how far the other is willing to go to secure their spot on the throne.

I loved this book. Even before the Trial of Succession began, I found all the political manipulations by the court fascinating. Joelle Charbonneau never gave too much away, so you never really knew where someone’s true loyalties lay. I was enamored with the twins; both had such flushed out characters, and I found myself unable to choose who I wanted to win. This book is fast paced and a must read for fans of Victoria Aveyard and Kendare Blake. I strongly encourage you to pick up a copy of Dividing Eden today!