Rainy Day Reading

By Colleen Wyrick


One moment, the sky is bright blue and sunlight is shimmering against anything reflective and it’s a million degrees outside. The next thing you know there’s gray- black clouds crowding the sky and thunder is clapping louder than a horse race. Oh, and it’s pouring.

Now, here in Texas, it doesn’t rain all that often. But when it does, it’s big and loud and violent and heavy. So, obviously, us bookworms have to be prepared to switch from our outdoor- bikini- summer- poolside- lounge chair reading to an indoor- by the fire- hot drink- window side- couch reading. Here is a list to help make your makeshift rainy day reads enjoyable, easy, and a little bit wintery.



  • Crank that air conditioning. It’s 100 degrees outside in the summer in Texas, and that huge storm is only gonna make it more humid. No fuzzy blanket sounds appealing in that kind of heat. Make your house chilly enough to slip under some covers.
  • Get comfy. Sweatpants? Yes. Fuzzy socks? Duh. Giant soft blanket and oversized shirt? Yes and yes. You’re gonna be stuck in whatever you choose for the remainder of the storm, so the comfier the better.
  • Find a spot by the window. One of the best things about rainy day reading is the actual rain. The sounds are super soothing and somehow thunder always claps right when something explodes in your book. Also, looking dramatically out your rain- splattered window when you’re frustrated or sad with your book is just satisfying.
  • Snacks and drinks. Food is obviously an essential while reading, but you gotta pick the right variety so you don’t get the book sticky or have to get up and get more. (If your spot to read is conveniently located near the kitchen though, do whatever you please, lucky person.) I personally like to snack on chocolate, chips, or fruit that can be eaten with a fork, but honestly eat whatever floats your boat. Drink- wise, always have a water second to something else. (You never know when all that rain will make you thirsty.) Since your air conditioning is nice and cool, hot chocolate or tea is great to have while reading too.
  • Pick a book (obviously). The whole point of long rainstorms is the universe telling you “Hey, you need to read that 700 page book now that you’ve been putting off forever.” (hehem Lord of Shadows *cough, cough*) Big books or high fantasies are the books to tackle on stormy days.



Well, there you have it! Next time we get a crazy summer storm, you have everything you need to curl up with a good read and enjoy the rain without getting your book wet 🙂