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Ryan Graudin

Farway Gaius McCarthy is the Boy Without a Birthday. He was born between time while his mother (a licensed Time Traveler) jumped back to Current Time, 2354 AD. All his life he’s dreamed of traversing time, like his mother did, but when he curiously fails his final Sim, Far is forced to join an illegal Time Traveling crew to work the black market of time. During a  heist-gone-wrong, Far must bring a 5th member onto his crew whose unknown origins prove to be a problem. Maybe time isn’t as cut-and-dry as Far expected. And maybe the end of it was closer than he thought.

This unusual but very enjoyable time-travel book was amazing! The well-paced plot always held my attention, sucking me into the wonderfully built world of 2354 AD. An action-packed page-turner filled with jumps from a sinking Titanic to a party with Marie Antoinette all the while avoiding cliches and stereotypes, Invictus truly amazed me at its original and entertaining content.. The characters were fantastic and so well developed I felt I knew them as friends as I witnessed their development and arcs. Relationships felt real, emotions were palpable, and the writing grabbed me and never let go. This light but interesting book is a great read for anyone wanting a fast action-packed adventure, adorable romance, or suspenseful mystery.  This is a definite re-read for me, and I would recommend it to anyone wanting a fun and cliche-breaking read.