TTBF Spotlight: 

Colleen is Excited for Ashley Poston (and so many more!)


The 2017 Texas Teen Book Festival author list as dropped! Its filled with tons of amazing authors and I’m ecstatic for the event! Here’s a few people I’m pumped to meet and why.


  • Ashley Poston, author of Geekerella. I am beyond thrilled to read Geekerella and meet the woman who has taken the YA world by storm with her story. Ashley Poston has set a world of fans and readers and cosplayers and binge watchers to a classic Cinderella story, which is basically what every fangirl has dreamed of, right? Plus, this book is gorgeous. I mean, if anyone here organizes their bookshelves in rainbow order, Geekerella is perfectly blue and beautiful coverless.




  • Marie Lu, author of the Legend and The Young Elites series as well as Warcross. I think this one speaks for itself because if you haven’t read a Marie lu book yet…WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?! You gotta get on that, seriously. And if you have read her books, then you know her characters are fantastic and her writing is unique and her stories are crafted so wonderfully it’s insane. And Marie Lu is just a beautiful, kind human. Who wouldn’t want to meet the mastermind behind June and Day?


they both die at the end

  • Adam Silvera, author of They Both Die at the End, History is all You Left Me, and More Happy Than Not. While I’ve yet to read any of Adam’s books, They Both Die at the End managed to catch and hold my attention right off the bat. It looks really intriguing and heart- wrenching so I am super excited to dive into the story and meet the author behind it!



Who are you guys excited for?!