Marie Lu

Review by: Sofia 


Emika Chen is a bounty hunter from NYC, dedicated to taking down perpetrators who abuse the simulated Warcross world. Catching a felon is tough- and when it falls through, Emika finds herself buried in negative funds. That all changes though when she hacks into the opening Warcross tournament and glitches herself into the system; accidentally revealing her identity to millions. Emika is tracked down by the handsome billionaire; Hideo Tanaka, who developed the Warcross game and is tasked with tracking down a player who has been messing with the software. Hideo puts Emika in the tournament and from the inside she must find the ‘Zero’ that plots to bring destruction to her world.

Marie Lu’s new book; Warcross does not disappoint. She has developed a world of advanced software that makes it feel like our future is just in reach. This book is full of clever developments, an alluring romance and a page turning plot. Emika Chen is a classic female heroine with all the smarts and fighting skills of a great narrator. She can handle herself on the streets and in the games of Warcross. When hearing her story, you won’t want to look away. Keep reading for the twist at the end- it’s the kind of twist I’ve been waiting for in YA.