Ferenwood or Whichwood…

Where do you belong?

By Colleen Wyrick


If you have yet to pick up a book by Tahereh Mafi, you have been living under a revolutionary writing rock. Her writing style in the “Shatter Me” series was interesting and unique, and now, with her middle grade companion novels Furthermore and Whichwood, Tahereh Mafi has tackled a beautiful story telling style. It’s funny, entertaining, and heart-wrenching, and the worlds she creates are as bright and soulful as her characters.

In Furthermore, we meet Alice Alexis Queensmeadow and Oliver Newbanks; two magical friends from the colorful, springy town of Ferenwood. In Whichwood, our lovable, complex group of friends grows by two when we encounter Laylee Layla Fenjoon and Benyamin Felankasak from the traditional, winter wonderland town of Whichwood.

So, in honor of the recent release of Whichwood, I’ve created a (hopefully) fun character quiz for fans or interested readers to build a connection like I did reading the vivid story.

I do dearly love a good book


Now, all of our beloved characters are young and different from one another, yet readers find ways to relate to all of them. But which praised character from Whichwood are you most like? Are you adventurous and bold? Or shy and withdrawn? Is your inner magic destined for a Ferenwood Surrender or a Whichwood mordeshoor. Take the quiz to find out!

Tread carefully dear reader, unknown answers lie ahead


  1. What is your favorite subject in school?
    1. Art
    2. Ecology
    3. Psychology
    4. Biology
  2. How would you describe your friends/ social life?
    1. I do my best to try and make friends but it doesn’t always work out. New friends take awhile to warm up to my personality though.
    2. I’ve got plenty of friends. They’re all loyal and we do just about everything together.
    3. I’m always on the move, so close friends are hard to come by. But I’ve got a few really close friends and that’s all I need.
    4. I don’t have many friends…at least ones that people can see. I have plenty of internet friends and real life…associates.
  3. What cliche describes you best?
    1. Stronger than I look
    2. Tiny but mighty
    3. Love at first sight
    4. Looks like the dead
  4. How would you describe your fashion sense?
    1. Bare feet and simple clothes, but no shortage of accessories
    2. Practical and predictable clothes
    3. I dress for fashion and functionality
    4. Traditional and a bit old fashion, but can be elaborate and beautiful nonetheless
  5. You like to spend your free time…
    1. Hanging out with your friends
    2. Enjoying some quiet time to yourself or hanging out with family
    3. Going on an adventure or to a fun party
    4. What free time?
  6. You like your parties..
    1. With more food than people. You’re content with your closest friends, some junk food, and a good laugh.
    2. You’d love to have a big party, but hosting it would be a pain. You’ve got plenty of friends that would come by though. You like attending big events.
    3. Definitely a party person as long as you know a person or two because hey, new people are fun!
    4. Not really a party person.
  7. What is your best aspect?
    1. Your heart
    2. Your loyalty
    3. Your mind
    4. Your soul


Oh how I love a happy ending

Count up those answers!

Mostly A’s:

You are most like Alice Alexis Queensmeadow! You show your emotions clearly but only because you care so very much for your friends. You may seem vulnerable because of it, but inside you’re tough as nails. You’re very talented and passionate, and lean more towards the artistic and emotional side of things. You stand out of a crowd and have a few really close friends but love making new ones. You are always up for a challenge, and, no matter the obstacle, you are determined to succeed. New cultures and ways of life amaze and inspire you, and you enjoy learning about the customs and history of others.


Mostly B’s

You are most like Benyamin Felankasak! You are kind and fiercely loyal to your friends and family. You like to follow a set routine, but you don’t mind if it’s changed for the better (as long as the new routine is to be followed). You’re always prepared and plan in advance for just about anything. You’ve probably got a lot of friends and can be seen as a leader in a group of people. You show your feelings a bit easily too. You probably lean more towards the STEM subjects in school and enjoy the outdoors.

Mostly C’s

You are most like Oliver Newbanks! You can be wicked smart and very persuasive when it comes to matters of the mind. You often find people following in your example and have the kind of personality where you can get away with just about anything. You tend to keep your emotions a bit more to yourself, but you still come crashing down with a strong case of feelings every now and then. Your friends are few and very close, but you’re outgoing and confident in meeting making new ones. You’re a natural born adventurer with your wits and luck, and you enjoy going new places and meeting new people. However, you’ll find a place your heart calls home eventually.


Mostly D’s

You are most like Whichwood’s protagonist, Laylee Layla Fenjoon! You’re an extremely hard worker and are loyal to your work. You are strong and confident in yourself, but it can sometimes blind you to help when you really need it. You’re wary of making new friends, but only because you don’t want to get hurt. You’ve got an old soul and simple taste, but you still dazzle and intimidate those around you. You’re stuck between the past and the future sometimes, but you have a few really close friends to help you through any tough times. You’re down for an adventure or a night out as long as all of your responsibilities are taken care of, and you love your family very much.

The End