what goes up


What Goes Up

Katie Kennedy

Review By: Aurora


      Everything time I think about this book, I smile. I don’t know what it is, but there’s something about this story that just warms my heart. It was the perfect easy read in the midst of such a stressful school year, but each page still brought something new and exciting.

      Rosa and Eddie are two teenagers competing against hundreds of other high school students for prestigious positions with NASA. The two winners become a team for interworld travel. As these characters go through test after test, they start to form a friendship. Despite their polar opposite upbringings and thought processes, they manage to joke around and learn to work together.

      This was the perfect light-hearted Sci-fi comedy. Set in the near future, it wasn’t the usual dystopian-style. I’ve grown tired of the common patterns in YA Sci-fi, so I was grateful for a change in pace. There’s also a severe lack of fun reads in YA. Books that you love and get invested in, but don’t tear your heart apart.

      What Goes Up has a bit of everything from action to humor to … romance! Let me tell you, I’m very particular about my romance. It can’t be too dramatic or rushed or cliché. But I loved Rosa and Eddie. They were the perfect balance of cute and funny. I love the way they’re so comfortable with each other and are actual friends. To me, there’s nothing better than reading about good friends/more-than-friends (I’m kind of a sucker for it).

      The POV flips between the two protagonists, but there’s never a disconnect in the different sides of the story. Each chapter flows smoothly into the next and the quick (but not too quick) pace helps keep every moment compelling.

      There are so many things to love about this book that I think anyone would be able to enjoy it. This is definitely one to check out of you’re looking for a fun, light read with some Sci-fi adventure.