Title: Thieving Weasels
Author: Billy Taylor

Thieving Weasels by Billy Taylor is a funny and witty read that I couldn’t get enough of! It follows the very street-smart Skip O’Rouke , who was born into a family of thieves and con men. They are always looking for the next scam and have lived in man places under different alias’, but Skip on the other-hand wants nothing to do with this life and runs away to boarding school putting his “good name” to use, but you can never run too far from the O’Rouke family. . .
When his uncle “Wonderful” finally catches up to him; he threatens to ruin his life with his new girlfriend and college future if he doesn’t help his family with one last con with a big payout. With no choice but to comply, Skip easily slides back into the weasel mentality to insure his future and complete the biggest heist of all time.

I had a blast teaming up with Skip O’Rouke and joining his family of cons and thieves. I mean, come on, everyone has that sketchy aunt or uncle who has been to jail or is always up to no good! It was loads of fun trying to figure out who was in on the con and who was on which side. Every member of the family was totally different in a sleazy kind of way and it made the story interesting because the “protagonist ” had to live with these people and he knew almost all the tricks up their sleeves.

Overall, I really loved how light and funny this book was with its grimy characters and quick dialog. It was really easy to fall into this read and root for Skip the entire time. I loved the complicated relationships between Skip and his family and the undertones of the message that you aren’t able to choose the family that you’re born into, but you only have one (even if they are thieving weasels)!!